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There is no one in Central Ohio with a better selection of door styles, stain and paint colors. In addition to all the standard styles that you can find anywhere, we can show you door and drawer styles that are hard to find. We’ll build you a full-overlay kitchen or a more funiture like inset door style. All the moldings, and trims you can imagine are available. We proudly offer a full line of contemporary styles and colors that are only found on those expensive, imported cabinet lines, at amazingly affordable pricing. Want a BRIGHT RED kitchen or an unusual TROPICAL WOOD SPECIES. You found it here! Although our Style may be exotic, our Pricing is traditional and can’t be beat!


Everyone wants to know that the cabinet they install in their kitchen or bathroom will last for ever. It’s the construction method as well as the materials used in building your cabinets that will define it’s durability. We will show you several methods of construction and explain why each is used. All our products offer true wood joinery, dovetails, the finest in hardware and all wood construction. Each cabinet is built specifically for you as drawn by us. There are no production line construction methods or finishes used.


The finish is what everyone sees when they walk in the room. The quality of the finish insures it will stll be attracting attention for years. We use only Grade A lumber so there are no unsightly knots or sap marks on the wood. The pre-stains and flat line finishing, along with hand glazing and wiping make our finishes the finest furniture grade stains in the industry. You’ll notice the difference!


Most kitchens have specific storage challanges. Where does that monster Kitchen-Aid mixer go? How about that pile of cooking utensils all in one drawer? The trash can needs to be more accessable. Spices are scattered all around the room. And the lids and pots are never together. Well, a properly deigned kitchen addresses all these issues. There is never a wasted cubic inch in a good kitchen. We’ll show you some creative ideas.